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Joél Mejia is an Afro-Latino artivist, mission-driven entrepreneur, and regenerative systems designer based in Kingston, New York, on Lenape land. With a strong passion for education, Joél has dedicated himself to fostering cooperative initiatives. In 2020, he founded Mi Oh My Hydroponic Farms, a worker-owned farming and educational cooperative in the Bronx.

Growing up in New York City, Joél embraced his roots and emerged from the bustling urban environment by incorporating regenerative farming practices and permaculture design principles into his work. As a descendant of the Taino people from the Dominican Republic, Joél’s endeavors are deeply rooted in indigenous practices and spirituality, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life and promoting a balanced coexistence with nature.

In 2022, Joél joined the ICA Group, a renowned non-profit organization, where he plays a pivotal role in expanding their communications and outreach efforts. He also develops partnerships in the solidarity economy and provides valuable technical assistance to both emerging and established cooperatives. With his extensive experience facilitating grassroots movement-building workshops, Joél empowers individuals to organize and establish cooperatives.

Joél recently completed the Next Economy MBA program offered by Lift Economy, further strengthening his ability to champion a new economy that prioritizes the well-being of all. He firmly believes in the potential for a regenerative and sustainable economy that can benefit future generations, challenging the current paradigm of resource exploitation and promoting a more holistic approach to economic and social development.