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Edouard Sylvestre

Edouard was born in a housing cooperative in the Villeray district of Montreal where more than 80 people of various origins shared a huge playground as a backyard. Moreover, he had a brother with Down’s syndrome and had to rub shoulders with people in a situation of disability from an early age, the values of cooperation, acceptance, and appreciation of differences are intrinsically part of his personality.

After a bachelor’s degree in political communication from UQAM, a graduate degree in applied communication from the University of Sherbrooke and a move to Quebec City, it was an opportunity in finance that he had to seize.

Having become a securities broker and having successfully developed and launched the brokerage offer for 18-30 year olds at Desjardins online brokerage, he set himself the goal of having completed an MBA before 30 years old. In order to do so he had to quit his job and return to university full time.

As a full-time student, part-time waiter, the desire to get involved in his community prompted him to found an NPO aimed at countering the isolation of people with reduced mobility called the Shared Runs of Quebec City. Now with an MBA in his pocket, he works at the Cooperation Council Of Ontario, an organization with values all the way aligned with his.