NEW: NCBA CLUSA and ACE teaming up to benefit students & youth

March 22 2021

Norris Michael

The Association of Cooperative Educators (ACE) announces a new partnership with the NCBA CLUSA to benefit students & youth

Family farms, viable agriculture, cooperatives - and the gender lens

February 24 2021

Christopher Kopka

10 min. read - "No matter which path I choose, these amazing women model ways I can be successful,” declares Kristi Schweiss about mid-way through our interview. She lights up when she talks about these women - and also when she talks about her grandfather. “He is a farmer. A family farmer. My grandfather became my inspiration to focus my career on supporting family farmers." (Read more)

Spotlight on Education: SDSU Extension

February 19 2021

Norris Michael

5 min. read - Welcome SDSU Extension! - We'll be starting a new newsletter campaign, aimed at showcasing interesting and impactful co-op research happening across the Americas. This month, we will be highlighting the research of Dr. Matthew Elliott, and what has been keeping he, and his team busy over the past month. (Read more)

Important changes coming to the ACE Newsletter, Website and introducing our new IntraWeb

February 19 2021

Norris Michael

3 min. read - If you've visited our website ( recently, you've noticed a few changes. Aside from the new colours, photos and more user-friendly, mobile interface - the new website has an exciting new member portal and event functionality. (Read more)

Three additional Ag Business Career Crawls planned for Iowa, Illinois and Texas

February 19 2021

Norris Michael

3 min. read - The Association of Co-operative Educators will be holding three Ag Business Career Crawls this spring, for students in Iowa (March 30th), Illinois (April 1st) and Texas (April 7th). With these events, we hope to build on the success of our virtual career events held last fall, in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Oregon. (Read more)

Welcome to our new ACE team members!

February 15 2021

Julien Geremie

3 min. read - The Association of Cooperative Educators would like to welcome Michael Norris to the ACE admin team, as well as welcome back Erin Hancock, as a project manager for the platform! (Read more)

Racial Equity in Co-ops

February 10 2021

Jessica Gordon Nembhard

8 min. read - Photo by PxHere. To Celebrate Black History, the Association of Cooperative Educators will be sharing an article written by Jessica Gordon Nembhard, who was a member of the ACE Board of Directors, and remains involved with the organization. We hope you will find this article insightful, and that it may spark a desire for you to learn more through our partner resources, also included. (Read more)

Events, self-study, and libraries to peruse at ED.COOP

February 02 2021

Norris Michael

1 min. read - New Content Every Week on! (Read more)

Co-op Education Partner Updates

January 21 2021

Norris Michael

2020 Virtual Co-op Career Fair Review

January 21 2021

Norris Michael

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