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Education is an investment in people.

Today, as yesterday, it plays an indisputable role in contributing to the innovation, strength and resilience of communities. Educators are aware of this and their work remains a priority in the world in which we operate. Educators can be professors, students, co-op sector leaders or employees, co-op experts or developers. In the co-operative sector, we are all educators. Educators for a model that brings about change, humanity, sustainability, equality and more. What would it be without education?

The Association of Cooperative Educators (ACE) is a professional association working to address the various contemporary issues affecting this field of education as well as professional development in the co-op sector, offering you the opportunity to enrich your work by exchanging with people who have the same objectives as you. Organizations and individuals from Canada, the Caribbean and the United States are part of this association, which gives access to many organizations and people dedicated to the promotion of cooperation and cooperative enterprises. ACE provides its members with a forum in English, Spanish and French highlighting educational programs and practices.

ACE exists to strengthen cooperatives and the cooperative movement by promoting innovative educational responses to social and economic change. ACE also organizes an annual Institute on various educational themes. It is a must-­‐attend event for many of its members. An ACE membership represents an excellent opportunity to contribute to cooperative education, to your own professional development and to the development of your organization. We reinforce the co-operative movement across North America and we facilitate the building of long lasting relationships between our members.

Memberships are valid from January 1st to December 31st.

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