During these extraordinary times, American college students have had to adapt to online learning formats and a more difficult networking environment. Whereas coffee chats and fireside chats were common on American campuses, the environment in which we live is no longer conducive to these events. Youth unemployment continues to rise in relation to adult unemployment,

Kristi is the Assistant Director of the Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives at North Dakota State University, so she happens to serve a lot of farmers. And she’s also experienced the opportunity – and the tension – of an ag-centric career in a field strongly associated with male leadership. It becomes clear, then, that this article will have

We are excited to share this new campaign with you, highlighting the hard work of co-op educators and researchers across the Americas. This month, we are travelling to South Dakota, where we will learn about the South Dakota State University Extension (SDSU) and it’s work in Ag Business and Ag Co-op research. The SDSU Extension fosters a

If you’ve visited our website (ace.coop) recently, you’ve noticed a few changes. Aside from the new colours, photos and more user-friendly, mobile interface – the new website has an exciting new member portal and event functionality. In light of recent events, the way we interact as co-operators has undergone a systemic change. Whereas ACE has

Last fall, the Association of Cooperative Educators hosted three successful career fairs in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Oregon, thanks to funding provided by the CHS Foundation. During the events, students explored careers in the rural co-op sector, with employers from the Ag Co-op sector. Students were rotated through stations with different employers, to ask questions and make

The Association of Cooperative Educators would like to welcome the newest member of its team, Michael Norris! Michael is originally from Toronto, Canada and studied Economics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He has a research background in commodity pricing and international trade, and a passion for education and professional development. Over the years, he