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Introducing our keynote speaker: Jose Julian Ramirez Ruiz, Executive Director of FIDECOOP!

Introducing our keynote speaker: Jose Julian Ramirez Ruiz, Executive Director of FIDECOOP!

José Julián Ramírez Ruiz, M.A., is an experienced leader and advocate in the co-operative development field. He is currently the Executive Director of Fondo de Inversión y Desarrollo Cooperativo (FIDECOOP), a cooperative investment and development fund based in Puerto Rico.

FIDECOOP plays a vital role in the cooperative sector to co-operatives by providing loans, venture capital, and business acceleration services. Additionally, the organization offers cooperative education, technical assistance, and business support to new and existing cooperatives. Since assuming this role in mid-August 2020, José has been instrumental in supporting the growth and success of cooperatives in the region.

Thanks to his background, a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, a master’s degree in social communication from the University of Puerto Rico and the pursuit of postgraduate studies in cooperative management at Mondragon Unibertsitatea in the Vasque Country, Spain along with his extensive knowledge and experience, José accompanied the development of co-operatives very early on. He has also taught as a professor at various universities.

He has been very involved in the advancement of cooperative education on the island through his tenure at the League of Cooperatives of Puerto Rico. José oversaw educational programs and spearheaded multiple cooperative development initiatives. His contributions to the cooperative movement were recognized when he received the William Hushko Award from the Association of Cooperative Educators in 2011 and the Achievement Prize from the League of Cooperatives of Puerto Rico in 2014. In his previous position serving as the Executive Director of the Association of Cooperative Executives of Puerto Rico he led a continuing education program for credit union managers and actively advocated for the cooperative business model and credit unions.

José’s commitment to professional development is evident through his certifications and training. He is a Certified Cooperative Development Educator through the Credit Union Development Education Program hosted by the International Centre for Co-operative Management (ICCM) at Saint Mary’s University in Canada. Additionally, he has been certified as an incubator manager by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) and approved for Community Micro Businesses Incubation (iMECs) by ConsultCom, among other professional courses.

With his diverse background and expertise, José Julián Ramírez Ruiz continues to contribute significantly to the cooperative sector, empowering cooperatives and fostering their growth and success.

Join us on Tuesday, August 8, as he opens the conference with his talk, “Puerto Rico Co-ops: Meeting the Challenge of Resilience.” In this plenary session, Mr. Ramirez Ruiz will give valuable insight into the cooperative landscape in Puerto Rico. From the history of the island’s co-op movement to the development of its unique ecosystem and the challenges faced during the post-Maria reconstruction, he will showcase the victories that prove the resilience of Puerto Rico’s co-operatives. As a co-op educator, developer or researcher, you do not want to miss this great introduction to the local co-op ecosystem.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!