Important changes coming to the ACE Newsletter, Website and introducing our new IntraWeb

If you’ve visited our website ( recently, you’ve noticed a few changes. Aside from the new colours, photos and more user-friendly, mobile interface – the new website has an exciting new member portal and event functionality.

In light of recent events, the way we interact as co-operators has undergone a systemic change. Whereas ACE has traditionally been a place where co-operators travel and convene, we understand that an effort needs to be made to decentralize the convening of those passionate about co-operative education. As such, our admin team has been hard at work developing the new ACE IntraWeb that we are proud to launch today. Rest assured that the ACE Institute will not be going anywhere, anytime soon (Vancouver 2022, anyone?). That being said, this new IntraWeb will work alongside traditional ACE events to ensure that the content we provide to members is relevant, interesting and on-demand. We’ve automated the membership process, so you receive a reminder when it comes time to renew your membership. We’ve also streamlined registration for conferences and events through your ACE profile so all of your member information auto populates. Should you wish to participate, we will be maintaining a member directory that will be accessible to members through the IntraWeb, to facilitate collaboration between educators more than ever before. More importantly, all of this information will be available simultaneously in English, French and Spanish.

Last but not least, with over 2,000 newsletter subscribers, we understand that the newsletter is an important pillar of cooperative education across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. That’s why we will be curating content contained in the newsletter based on member profile and language. What this means is that our Spanish-speaking subscribers will receive the ACE Newsletter entirely in Spanish, the French subscribers in French, and the English subscribers in English, of course. Co-op developers, co-op educators and co-op managers will also receive curated content based on their region and expertise. Curious about what others received as a part of their newsletter? All articles shared as a part of the newsletter will be archived on the website for review, under the “News” tab. It is our hope that this communication strategy would bring co-operators closer together to create synergies and a sense of community.

Do you have any questions, or suggestions? Would you prefer to receive the newsletter in another language? Please write to us at and we’d be happy to help.